Toddler decorates couch with LIPSTICK! But genius mum fixes it with $3.50 product!

Eeeeek! Wonder product to the rescue!

April 04 2019

A gobsmacked mum who found her cheeky toddler scribbling on the couch with her bright red lipstick has revealed how she cleaned it up with just a $3.50 supermarket product.

The Aussie mum discovered her living room had been turned into a 'crime scene' after she thought her son had been very quiet for a while. 

And boy, had he been busy!






Taking to Mums Who Clean Facebook page, Jessica wrote how her son decided to get creative with her make-up all over the suede couch.  

'What unfolded sadly wasn't an April fools joke,' she said.

'Just as I thought to myself, "he's gone quiet", he walks into the kitchen looking like a vampire that's had a great feast.

'At first I couldn't process what he was covered in? It's not blood. It's not a texta, not crayon, maybe it's my daughter's play make up... as I followed this trail of red, I was met with the horrific scene. A complete massacre.'

She added, 'Frantically trying to keep the crime scene contained, I start taking photos for evidence, googling "three year old military school", wait I mean "help my toddler is trying to give me a heart attack", aka "how do I bloody get red lip stick off furniture".'

In the end she rubbed $3.50 Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid into the couch and the red lipstick came off. 

'I'll have you know it's actually quite simple and I'm sure if I was a cheating spouse that had to cover up a wayward red lipstick pash mark on the couch I would be feeling super thrilled,' she said.

'It now looks like nothing ever happened. All evidence has been destroyed and everything back to the way it was. I guess I'll be rocking a nude lip until my son moves out.'




And how did the guilty culprit commit his crime? That's the clever part.

His mum explains, 'I always keep two shades of red lip stick in my hand bag. So I found a nice little spot for them. Little did I know that when I was swapping over the contents of my bag that he was watching,' she said. 

'Yes, that's right... my super cute, butter wouldn't melt, bless his little cotton socks and heart palpitation inducing sweet little three-year-old watched my every move.'

 'In five minutes he had obviously used an invisibility cloak to walk himself up to the front lounge room.

'Unzipped my new leather handbag with his toddler pick pocketing skills (oh yes I forgot to mention this in his skills earlier), slid out the two lipsticks and Pro-harted the c*** out of the couch, recliner, wall, and carpet.'


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