Mum LOVES tidying up after her husband and says it’s a “GIFT”

She’s really divided the internet with this declaration!

Writer / April 03 2019

US mum Holly Simon has taken to Facebook to share some relationship advice with other mums and wives.

Her post begins by talking about how she goes into the bathroom each day to replace her husband’s towel, put his hair gel back and pick up all his shoes.

And while these are all tasks most women are familiar with and often irritated by, Holly stresses that while it used to make her bitter, she now approaches them with “gratitude.”

“As a younger wife (especially in the baby & toddler zone) this often made me irritated,” she writes.

“Don’t I have enough to clean up daily after the kids!’ Years ago I actually felt bitterness about it.

“But these little things represent his presence in our home. What if they weren’t there each day? What else would be missing from our lives? His laugh, his comfort, his guidance? How many women and children are living that harsh sadness out?

She goes to explain that the “scattered trail of his daily routine” means she’s lucky to have a husband who comes home to her, rather than doing it all alone. And she urges other women to take a similar view.

“If you’re in that mode sister, take a breath, this is a common attitude trap for us. And You’re most likely tired. But Remember-It’s not “your burden” it’s your gift.”

The post has been shared 41,000 times and has received almost 10,000 comments, ranging from disbelief, shock and disgust to agreement.

“How ridiculous. Another man foisting extra labor on his wife and another woman feeling obligated to rejoice in it,” wrote one woman.

“How romantic, a grown-ass adult who can’t clean up after himself,” added another.

“Blink twice if you need help,” added a third.

However, some said it was a poignant reminder of why we should appreciate our loved ones.

“I will always be thankful to have your presence at home!" wrote one wife, tagging in her husband.

“Exactly why cleaning up the clothes off the bathroom floor and 2.3 million Dr. Peppers cans oddly make me happy because that means you are home with me every day,” wrote another.

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