You can now buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner for your child that actually works

So good!

November 22 2018

If you’ve ever wished you could get more help around the house, then the answer is here! Dyson have released a vacuum cleaner for kids that actually works.

Your little one can have fun with their toy, while helping you with the housework at the same time.

The super-cute cleaner is a smaller version of Dyson's latest handheld DC59 model. It has spinning beads to simulate dust in the vacuum.

The kids vacuum cleaner is available from and retails at around $83, and Pottery Barn sell a similar model for $89.

It’s already racking up rave reviews from parents online, too.

One parent wrote: “I bought this for my son's 3rd birthday. He absolutely loves it... Doesn't stop playing with it. Real sound. And enjoys helping mummy with housework.”

“My little girl always wants to help vacuum with our Dyson. This is the perfect product which helps her help us without the worry of her dropping our real one!” added another.

What’s not to love?!

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