Grandma SLAMMED by strangers for breastfeeding her granddaughter

Julia Cannons, 21, tells how she and her mum Angela Owen, 47, both breastfeed her 10-month-old daughter Naomi

April 03 2019

A grandmother has been SLAMMED by strangers for breastfeeding her grand daughter.

Angela Cannon, 47, has been breast-feeding Naomi since she was 4-months-old, but it's been labelled "weird, un-natural and gross" by strangers who have attacked the family for doing it. 

Angela was still lactating after the birth of her fifth child so she found she could help out when Naomi got hungry.

Now the family find it very natural and normal for Naomi to be fed by her nana. 



Julia, 21, from St Louis, Missouri, USA, explains, “I love breastfeeding. My girl is 10 months old and I’ve been breastfeeding from the beginning. She would cluster feed all the time.”

"She wanted to be on the boob 24/7 and it was like a comfort thing.

“One day I really wanted to have a shower and to get out of the house so I headed over to my mother’s.

“I was in the shower and she needed a feed.”

Julia said little Naomi started “squalling” when she was in the shower.

“My mum had already asked me how I would feel about her breastfeeding Naomi,” she explained.

“She still produces milk and we knew she still produces."

Now the mother and daughter joint-feed Naomi and it's become a very normal and natural part of their routine.

“People say it’s weird, unnatural and gross,” said Julia.

“But what is more natural than feeding a baby?”

Now Angela feeds Naomi “a couple of times a month”.

“I am okay with it.”

“She’s an over-producer. She’s been checked for any problems and had cat-scans done but there are no health problems.”




According to Australian website Nursing Angel, mothers should be wary about letting other people breastfeed their child saying,  "As with any body fluid, breast milk can contain HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and other viruses. They can be transmitted through breastmilk." 

Anyone who is considering letting another woman breastfeed her baby , should consult their doctor or midwife first. 

What do you think of their joint-breastfeeding?