Aussie parents BANNED from taking coffee into playground!

Isn't this un-Australian?

April 02 2019

Parents have been told NOT to bring takeaway coffee or hot drinks into the playground of a primary school in Melbourne - after fears students could get burnt.

St Kevin's Glendalough at Toorak, in Melbourne's south east, has urged parents to wait until after drop-off before they grab their morning caffeine hit. 

Junior head James Daly told parents taking a a hot beverage into the playground was an 'unnecessary risk' because they don't mix with 'active children and flying balls', according to  The Herald Sun.






'I respectfully remind parents that bringing hot drinks into the schoolyard, classroom or other areas where students are present, is not allowed,' Mr Daly said.

It costs up to $21,000 a year in fees to send a child to the up-market school. 

The environmentally aware Mr Daly also reminded parents that disposable coffee cups were not good for the planet.

'Where and when is a takeaway coffee cup appropriate and how does one responsibly dispose of it? They’re all good questions for another time,' he added in the school newsletter. 





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