Mum reveals she had sex in hospital bed TWO HOURS after giving birth!

Deborah Hodge appeared on TV to tell her story.

March 31 2019

A mum has revealed she had sex in a hospital bed just TWO hours after giving birth.

Deborah Hodge, said that she and her then-partner had their third child in July 2013, and ended up making love in the hospital after the baby was born. 

After revealing her story on UK TV show This Morning, Deborah, 44, told The Sun that after the birth of her daughter Amelia, she was given a private room to recover in. 

‘As Amelia lay in her cot, my partner and I were having a cuddle on the bed, when before I knew it we were having sex,' she revealed.

Deborah added she had been given an epidural, and she felt no pain at all during sex.

 ‘There was just this closeness between us,' she said.  'I didn’t feel sexy, but I did feel special… I couldn’t believe we’d done it — I put it down to all the drugs I was on.'


This Morning

This Morning


Deborah and her partner then went on to have sex again just three days after she returned from hospital saying they took care to avoid splitting the stitching.

Their relationship did not last, and they broke up a few months after Amelia's birth. 

But Amelia revealed that she felt ready to have sex within a fortnight after the birth of each of her four children.

While there's no set required waiting period before you can have sex again after you give birth to a baby, many doctors recommend you wait for four to six weeks after delivery, and until after you've had your postpartum check from your GP or midwife.

The risk of a birth complication is highest during the first two weeks after having a baby and if you tore or had an episiotomy, sex could be painful and you run a high risk of infection. 




Dr HaRyun Won, a female Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon based in Sydney told Body And Soul that while there the timeline is up to the mother, a general rule is that you only resume sexual intercourse after you have stopped bleeding to prevent infections and other complications.

“The general consensus is six weeks, but that is an arbitrary number. Whether a woman has had a traumatic delivery or if she’s had a straightforward delivery, the right time to have sex after childbirth is really when a woman feels comfortable both physically and mentally,” Dr Won said.

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