Man’s ridiculous list of “requirements” on Tinder goes viral


Content Editor / March 26 2019

A 26-year-old man’s long list of “demands” for potential dates on his Tinder profile has gone viral.

The man, known only as ‘Chad’, appears topless (and headless) in his profile, which includes a list of specifications, including earning at least $70K a year, being available at all times and being a regular gym goer.

Other requirements included being either blonde or brunette, being able to cook and clean and having an apartment. Potential suitors would also be required not to approach other men, smoke, drink or do drugs, or go out on “girl’s nights”.




However, the list however doesn’t really explain what the “lucky” woman may expect to receive in return. He also underlines that he will “not not [sic] accept anything less.”

The man’s photo and list was posted onto Reddit, and unsurprisingly, was widely mocked.

“Would anyone really take the time to read all that tho? I would’ve swiped out after reading the first two,” wrote one commenter.

“Ummm how can she give him all her time if she is out making 70k a yr,” wrote another.

“He's asking for too little, with that AMAZING body,” joked a third.

While some Reddit users thought the post must be a joke, others thought it could be possible that someone could be that demanding.

"A lot of guys are either seriously deluded about their physical condition or looking for women who are into dadbods," one person wrote.

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