'Douchebag' dad looking for Tinder date

A married father posts photo with bassinette in background

July 31 2018

An Irish man has posted a topless photo of himself on Tinder, without bothering to hide the fact that he is married and a father.

‘Married, home alone tonight looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more,’ reads the ad.

The man took care to avoid being recognised by not included his face in the shot. ‘Sorry there is no head shot, too risky but will send one if you are interested in calling over,’ wrote the 42-year-old, known only as ‘P’.


The married father posted this ad on Tinder

The married father posted this ad on Tinder


The photo clearly shows a baby’s bassinette in the background, and the pic was reposted by a Twitter user who wrote: ‘My mate came across this tinder profile tonight. Extra Douchebag points for the Moses basket in the background.’

The image was quickly retweeted and has now gone viral.

‘I like that he took his wedding ring off for the photo but left a bassinet in the background’ one user posted, while another said ‘I may stay single for the rest of my life.’

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