SPOILER ALERT! MAFS ' shock affair' between Jessika Power and Daniel Webb!

It never ends!

Writer / February 26 2019

MAFS looks set to continue with scandal after scandal with news that new intruder Daniel Webb will 'hook up' with Jessika Power, despite him being married to Tamara Joy!

A radio listener, known only as 'Ken', told Fitzy and Wippa that Daniel, a single dad from the Gold Coast, and Perth executive assistant Jessika, 26, will get together on the show.

Jess, who refers to herself as a 'part-time party animal', is said to have an explosive affair with car broker Dan on the top-rating show.


Daniel and Jessika

Daniel and Jessika


Fitzy & Wippa grilled the source and asked if he was referring to a comment made by blonde bombshell Jessika in a MAFS promo clip, where she calls new entrant Daniel "not a snack - more of a meal".

"Mate, I know it's a fact - it's actually going to play out on the show," Ken revealed.

Asked if Tamara was "shattered by the experience", he jokingly told the show: "Well I haven't got that far into it, because I'm a bloke."

Jessika is still 'married' to Mick Gould on the show. 

It comes after Jessika told TV Week on Monday, 'Dan just ticks all my boxes.'

Daniel 'tied the knot' with Tamara on Monday night's episode of MAFS, but he has said publicly he isn't attracted to his 'bride'.

'If she walked into a bar, she wouldn't be the type of girl I would go and speak to,' he said.

"She's a pretty girl and has everything going for her, but we didn't see eye-to-eye on a few things.'

But despite the lack of immediate attraction Daniel and Tamara, he said he was happy to give the marriage a go. 

'I was keen to find out the depth of her and find out why the experts matched her with us,' he said. 


The hubby loves to steal a cheeky kiss! 💋🙊 #MAFS
The hubby loves to steal a cheeky kiss! 💋🙊 #MAFS


"I am super impressed, there’s definitely a sexual attraction there," Tamara admitted.

"I’ve strong feelings towards her, I’d be lying if I said I didn't want a bit of hanky panky..." Daniel told the cameras at the time.

But it looks like this won't last long in Married At First Sight world...


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