JUST IN: MAFS Sam was on Home & Away - WATCH it here!

The Married At First Sight star, Sam Ball, has a secret past on TV

February 20 2019

It looks like MAFS Sam has been hiding a giant secret from us all  - he had a role in TV soap Home & Away!

The vain tradie, who's been copping a lot of hatred from viewers for his body shaming comments and vile behaviour towards TV bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, has been keeping his appearances on the Channel 7 show a secret.  

But video footage has emerged showing the 26-year-old filming scenes on the set of show where he plays a member of the River Boys gang. 

The clip - which was shared on a MAFS parody Instagram account - dates back to January 2018.

Wearing the iconic 'Blood and Sand' tattoo, Sam played one of the shirtless gang who came into Summer Bay for the funeral of Kat, played by Pia Miller.  Check out his slicked-back hair and his trademark smug expression!





And you can watch his 'starring role' here!


Has he been acting on MAFS all along? Footage from January 2018 😮 #MAFS (Via Jas)
Has he been acting on MAFS all along? Footage from January 2018 😮 #MAFS (Via Jas)


The shocking post quickly racked up more than 13,000 views and drew hundreds of comments from fans and haters alike, with one person tagging their friends saying: "The truth comes out!"

Another wrote "well this explains a lot", while many Instagram users said they believed people would stop watching the social experiment after the discovery.

A number of people branded the Channel 9 social experiment "fake and staged".

One European user even wrote in French "so this means he is an actor?", to which someone replied "they're all actors".

Others poked fun at the revelation, declaring: "He's not hot enough to be a river boy!"

What do you think?


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