Horrified mum SLAMS Kmart for 'rude and graphic' male genitalia on her child's toy


Writer / February 19 2019

A shocked mum has slammed Kmart after discovering a ‘rude and graphic’ depiction of male genitalia on her child’s toy – and is now calling for it to be banned.

Before going on a family trip to the zoo earlier this month, mum-of-five Tanya Husnu, 33, thought it would be a great idea for her kids to bring along some animal toys for their special day out.

The excited kids picked out an elephant, hippopotamus and lion toy for just $5 each from the store – but Tanya was shocked when her kids started questioning her about the graphic ‘willy’ on the lion.



On closer inspection, the mum realised that the lion toy – which according to Kmart’s website, is aimed at children aged three and upwards - had a ‘graphic’ depiction of male genitalia hidden under the animal’s tail, while the other two plastic toys did not.

“I thought it was really inappropriate. In this day and age, it's not acceptable to have things like that on children's toys,” the shocked mum said.

“I buy a lot of toys, and my house is full of toys. But I've never seen anything like this before. It's so stupid and just plain weird.”

Tanya said it was “shocking” to see and added that although her kids understand the basic differences between the male and female anatomy, such a ‘graphic’ depiction should not be allowed on toys aimed at children as young as three.

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