Kmart fans lose it over $89 coffee machine


Digital News And Entertainment Editor / October 04 2018

Kmart fans are absolutely losing it over the retail giant's latest offering - an $89 Coffee Machine!

The machine, complete with a milk frother, adjustable steam knob, and the ability to produce both single and double shots, it's no wonder shoppers are in a frenzy.

One mum posted a quick video to Kmart Mums Australia using the device, and commenters were quick to share their amazement.

Comments flocked claiming they were off to get their very own!

One barista even shared her expert advice on how to get the perfect cup of coffee from the $89 machine.

“Only put the group handle into the machine RIGHT BEFORE you press the button, as leaving it in there will burn the coffee and it may taste quite bitter,” the woman stated.

She also suggested to froth the milk first, because leaving “the coffee shot sitting there too long it splits and you lose the crema.”

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