Mum transforms this Kmart cutlery tray into toy storage unit!

Impressive stuff.

January 13 2019

Cheap, easy and stylish - another Kmart hack has stopped the internet by turning inexpensive kitchen items into homewares. 

One Aussie mum created the most epic train storage wall rack  - perfect for any budding train fan in your world. 





Mum Sarah writes on Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page: ‘Drawer dividers, bamboo cutlery trays & a ribbon spool & bam! Train storage wall rack! Certainly made my 3 year old very happy. 👌

She adds,  A couple of people have asked how I put them on the wall. I super glued the drawer dividers together. And then simply put a few screws into them onto the wall. 😊

The creation got a massive tick of approval from the other Kmart Mums Australia followers, with Sarah’s post attracting nearly 3,000 likes!

‘Now that’s clever thinking! Sure beats that $300 original one! Thankyou for the idea on how to store my son’s cars,' said one.

Another added, ‘Omg!! SO CLEVER!!’ Said a third: ‘This is the best,thank you x’


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