OFFICIAL: Married At First Sight's Ines and Sam ditch their original partners and announce 'WE'RE TOGETHER!'

And they're very happy about it too!

February 11 2019

Ines Basic and Sam Ball have an affair on Married At First Sight!

The couple, who are both matched with other people on the show, confirmed their illicit romance in NW magazine.

Posing for a joint photo shoot, the couple announced they were now together and Sam took a swipe at his 'wife' Elizabeth Sobinoff by saying Ines is the kind of girl he likes.

'Physically, Ines is more my type,' said the 26-year-old tradesman.

He added: 'Liz is obviously a lovely girl and she can talk, and there are some traits there that I like. But unfortunately, the majority of her traits I don't like.' 


Ines and Bronson/MAFS

Ines and Bronson/MAFS


Ines, 28, agreed, saying that she and Sam belong together. 

'You definitely need that chemistry to make anything happen. Their relationship [Sam and Elizabeth's] was failing and so was mine,' she said, referring to her troubled 'marriage' to Bronson Norrish.


Elizabeth and Sam/MAFS

Elizabeth and Sam/MAFS


This week it's believed that Ines and Sam will exchange flirty texts later this week, in the same way that there was the 'affair' scandal involving Dean Wells and Davina Rankin last year.

Meanwhile, Ines' turbulent relationship with Bronson, 34, reached breaking point during the show's first commitment ceremony on Sunday.

The former stripper voted to 'stay' and legal assistant Ines voted to 'leave', meaning they must spend another week together in the experiment.

It was a similar situation for Elizabeth and Sam, with the jewellery store manager choosing to 'stay' while the part-time model voted to 'leave'.

But it's clear from Ines and Sam's new interview that the couple have moved on already from the partners they were paired with on MAFS.


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