Parents adopt the newborn baby of woman accused of killing their little boy

What an amazing couple...

February 10 2019

Foster parents of a toddler who was brutally killed after he was returned to his birth mother have made the shock decision to adopt his little sister.

Sam and Juliet Warren fostered two-year-old Jordan Belliveau and spent more than a year with him as part of their family. 

But then authorities decided to return him to his birth mother.

Sadly he was murdered by his mother and his body was found in the woods - she later confessed to killing the little boy by hitting him over the head in a moment of frustration.





Jordan's foster parents were understandably devastated by tragic death of the little boy they had treated like a son and loved deeply. 

They described little Jordan as being "filled with joy". "He was our ‘Mr. Chuckles,'" Sam Warren said in September 2018 after the 2-year-old's body was found with a fracture to his skull and other injuries in the woods near his home.

At the time of his killing his mother, Charisse Stinson, was pregnant with another baby and gave birth while she was in police custody. 



The Warrnes with Jordan/WTSP10

The Warrnes with Jordan/WTSP10


At the time of his foster son's death, Sam Warren told ABC Action News they were devastated by the loss and felt let down by authorities, in Florida USA.

 "Jordan was failed by the system," he said. "He was failed by many people who would have protected him, but didn't. Promises that were made to us about how he would be protected after his return were broken."

"We are devastated by his loss, [if not] for a court order, he would still be safe in our home," Sam added. 

But now the foster parents have found a way to heal and help another child in trouble. After learning of Jordan's mum's second pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Serenity, the couple applied to adopt the little girl.

In a statement sent to WTSP, the couple said, 'The question of what would happen to Jordan's little sister began to weigh on us. We knew that Charisse would not be able to care for her. After much prayer, we approached Charisse about allowing us to adopt the baby, and she agreed.'

But her biological dad, Jordan Belliveau Sr., says he wants custody of little Serenity, and his lawyer told reporters that Belliveau "is working full time, ready to be a great father, and has a large family support system."

 "He is going to fight for custody and will eventually have custody," his lawyer added.

But for now at least, Serenity is living with the Warrens, reported WTSP. The Warrens are currently going through the process of adoption and hope it will all work out soon.

"We wanted to make it clear that this beautiful girl is safe, healthy and deeply loved," continued the couple's statement.

What a beautiful couple - fingers crossed it all works out for them.