Foster Mum Pens Beautiful Letter To Adopted Daughter

'I will always, always love you'

November 11 2016

Marvelling at how quickly the girl is growing and whom she was growing into, the mother says, “I’ve seen you overcome your fears and insecurities, seen you press into people rather than away from them, seen you progress and grow. I keep thinking you’ve “arrived” only to see you come even further. You continually amaze me.”


The mother continues with a memory of the first time the girl said she loves her.


“You climbed on my lap, you kissed me, and you told me that you loved me. You had never done that before. You were never comfortable with it before, and I never wanted to make you uncomfortable. But you finally did it.


“I returned the kiss and repeated the words, as I had so many times before. But this time I had tears in my eyes.”


The letter finishes with a promise to the little girl.

“I want you to know a couple of things, she writes. “I will always have room on my lap for you. I will always have a kiss held for you. And I will always, always love you.”


The letter was recently shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and the response has been overwhelmingly positive with many praising the mother for her well-written words.


"This couldn't have been more beautifully written. I cried reading it, and I am so glad God you brought together," wrote one commenter. 


Another wrote: "It takes a special kind of wonderful human to be a parent. It takes an extraordinary kind of human to be a foster parent. I'm so glad you both found each other."