MAFS Martha and Michael are moving in together!

The couple open up about their plans

Writer / February 14 2019

Married at First Sight couple Martha and Michael are taking the next big step in their relationship by moving in together.

The MAFS pair have opened up about their plans in the latest issue of WHO magazine.

Martha reveals that she initially thought baby-faced Michael was too young for her, but he won her over with his kind heart.

Like, so damn cute. ❤️ #MAFS
Like, so damn cute. ❤️ #MAFS

“I thought he was 10 years younger than me,” she admits.

“He just had this really kind energy. I was actually really scared to ask Michael how old he was. [He had] these really kind eyes. And he was smiling. He was lovely.”

In fact there’s only three years between the MAFS couple. Martha is 30 and Michael is 27.

Aw my gawwwd, I can't wait for #MAFS tonight! 😂
Aw my gawwwd, I can't wait for #MAFS tonight! 😂

So what do they love most about one another?

“He is always really poised and composed. Nothing ever really gets to him to the point where he explodes. I never see him lose his cool,” Martha reveals.

“Martha is honest, and she will say exactly what she is thinking. So I know what she is thinking at all times. There is no mask there,” Michael says.

Read all about their budding relationship in the new issue of WHO.

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