My husband granted me a one-night stand

This woman thought her marriage was over, but her husband had another suggestion

October 02 2018

While many would find having an affair unforgivable, one woman says her husband actually encouraged her, on the condition it was one night only.

“Andy* and I met at university,” she writes in an article for Red Magazine.

“It wasn’t an instant attraction, but our friendship grew into something more profound. We got married eight years later. I couldn’t have been more content with life.”

However, shortly after getting married, she began receiving flirtatious messages from an older man, who was also married and had two young children.

Their flirtation progressed to drinks and kissing, and then everything started to unravel.

“Andy logged on to my account and discovered our plans to sleep together for the first time the following week. He hit ‘reply all’, wrote a brief but devastating ‘Nice work’, then
 forwarded the email chain to my mum. Afterwards, he woke me up to tell me we were getting a divorce.

“I felt physically ill, the panic consuming me, yet somehow liberated now the lying was over.”

However, Andy had a change of heart, and actually encouraged her to go ahead with her plans.

“I was to spend one night with Tom, two weeks later, while Andy was on a business trip,” she reveals.

Their night together was passionate and exciting, but left her feeling very emotional.

“I came home from work and jumped straight into the shower, tears washing my face. Andy said nothing. The weeks and months that followed were hard. Andy would sway from being loving one minute to cruel the next. I felt utterly alone,” she shares.

In the end, she severed ties with Tom and focused on her marriage. Thankfully the couple appear to have put it all behind them.

“Andy and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary and are buying a new flat – a fresh start. There’ll be many reading this who’ll think he’s weak for staying with me or that I’m a horrible person for abusing his trust, and I suppose there’s a modicum of truth to both.

“If the shoe were on the other foot, I don’t know if I would have had the strength of character to allow Andy to sleep with another woman. But then, that’s just one of the million, tiny little things I love about him.”

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