Dad tells breastfeeding mum at party to feed elsewhere as she’s being ‘inappropriate’


Writer / April 02 2019

While breastfeeding your baby is legal – in fact, it’s actually illegal to discriminate against a breastfeeding mum – we clearly still have a long way to go, with many women being asked to go elsewhere when feeding their bub.

One Dad took to Reddit asking if he had been out of order to ask his wife’s friend to feed her toddler in another room while at a party.

"Since it was my three-year-old's birthday, we had a party consisting of kids from the ages of 2-15," he wrote on Reddit, in a post that has now been deleted.

His wife was out of town at the time, but he invited one of her colleagues to the party.

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"Colleague's baby apparently got hungry, colleague straight up started to breastfeed him on the dining table, not even a foot away from a few teenagers," he wrote.

"There were about 20 kids, I had made a massive table in our backyard. I told her it would be better if she breastfeed her daughter in the room or the hallway since I felt it was inappropriate because of the age demographic of the party.

"She just kept glaring at me and fed the baby to her t**'s content while the teenagers right beside her sat in awkward silence."

He then said: "I would be fine with it in public," and added, "She proceeded to bitch about me to my wife the whole lunch break later."

The response was swift and, unsurprisingly, not in his favour.

“It's just feeding a baby. teenagers shouldn't have a problem with this. how would feeding a baby from a bottle be different?” wrote one user.

“Your attitude is exactly the reason women have such a hard time breast feeding. If everyone in this country could drop their puritan BS for once, then teenagers would stop being shocked by a breast performing its god-given function,” said another.

Some, however, felt that as the woman was a guest in his house, she should have moved elsewhere.

“It’s your house, your guests, your rules. It has nothing to do with sexualizing breasts. It clearly made everyone uncomfortable and she should have respected that as it’s not her home,” one wrote.

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