Shocking viral video: Brisbane mum slammed for breastfeeding baby whilst driving on highway

She said she had no other choice

Editor / January 15 2020

“So dangerous, it’s a bit crazy, what am I supposed to do.”

Watch: Mum dangerous decision to breastfeed whilst driving


After the footage was shared online it did not take long for the video to go viral.

Mothers around the world have shared their disbelief and surprisingly also their support.

Commenting on social media, one person said: “I would have donethe same Kuz. Glad you're OK.”

Another wrote: “I would have done the exact same anything for our babies"

"I would move mountains for my son and step-daughter.”

"Perhaps express and have a bottle handy just in case you’re stuck...”

The mother of four was delayed in traffic after an earlier accident.

She shared the footage to her Instagram page, where she captioned the post: “What would you do?”

In the clip she seems to try and justify her actions, saying: “Sitting in traffic and the baby’s hungry.

“So dangerous, it’s a bit crazy, what am I supposed to do.”

 Sharing the controversial footage to her personal Instagram page, she asked her followers 'what would you do?'


Lauren Ritchie from the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland told Nine News that not having a child properly restraining in a car is a life-threatening risk.

'Even a small crash can injure a child,' she warned.

Paediatrician Debbie Baer agreed, adding 'I'm very pro-breastfeeding, but nursing has a time and a place. A moving vehicle is not the time or the place'.

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