Retail worker slammed after complaining about breastfeeding colleague


September 20 2019


“A woman that I work with has an arrangement with her husband that he will bring the child when she is on break, and she will go up in the middle of the break room, he hands her a massive pillow to rest her back on, and she throws a small blanket over her head so that she can feed the child. She feeds the kid for about 5 minutes, hands the kid back off to the father, and then will typically try again after a few minutes or she will just take the kid while the father eats.”

We have a conference room that women typically go into if they were to pump or normally feed their children this way, however, she chooses to do so in the middle of the break room while other people are attempting to relax for a short while before going back to work.”, he said.


Reddit post

Reddit post


Posting on reddit the worker was slammed by hundreds of outraged followers.

She covers with a blanket and you are still uncomfortable? You gossip with your coworkers about it? What an ass. Babies need to eat multiple times a day. Every day. Breastfeeding is natural and the best option for both the baby and mother. You are a selfish, immature asshole,” said one.

“Could you take your break in the conference room? Or in the men’s bathroom? I’m sure she won’t go there”, posted another.


In a small victory user ImmaTravesty has seen the error of his ways.


Alright I hear y'all. I could've done without some of the harsh words... but the point got across.”, he said in an edited post.


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