Mum's horror as 7-year-old autistic son buys eBay Stikeez - for $10k!

He used her credit card without her knowledge - and she demanded a refund but was refused

April 03 2019

An Aussie mum begged eBay for a refund after after her 7-year-old autistic son paid $10,000 for a Billy Banana Golden Stikeez and paid for it on her credit card - with just three clicks. 

Donna Jacob says her son saw one of the rare 100 Coles collectables on the buy-and-sell site and then her computer automatically filled in her credit card information.

The 47-year-old mum says she only realised that her little boy, who loves the Coles Stikeez collectables range, had bought the rare toy when she saw a confirmation email from eBay. 



She immediately asked for a refund from eBay was denied.

'It's certainly nothing we've budgeted for and nothing we can afford,' she told Channel Seven.

PayPal - who arranged the payment - also told her that her chances of getting her getting her money back were slim, describing the purchase as a ‘friendly fraud.’

In a desperate bid to get her $10k back, Donna contacted Adelaide's Today Tonight who spoke to eBay and they agreed to refund there the cash.

In a statement, eBay said: "eBay understands there are unique circumstances in this case. As a result, the buyer will receive a refund for the purchase."


But Donna is still questioning how such a huge transaction was approved in the first place.

"Between PayPal and the bank, there should be at least one stopper that says 'hang on, this isn't right'... and no-one did," she said.





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