SNEAK PEEK: The first look at the new Coles Little Shop collection?

Another shopping-frenzy!

November 26 2018

Is this our first look at how the new Coles Little Shop promotion will look?

The supermarket giant have already said they will launch a second mini-collectables series for shoppers next year following the huge success of the first.

And over in New Zealand, New World supermarkets, who also ran the Little Shop collectables series back in 2013, followed up their miniature series with this - Little Kitchen. Following its success, it would be no surprise if Coles decided to follow suit.


Credit: CYLeow

Credit: CYLeow

Little Kitchen released 30 more new mini-collectables for shoppers to collect with all new food items - even including a weekly magazine!

They even made them magnetic, scratch and sniff or glow-in-the-dark. And if that wasn’t enough, collectors could rub the minis to make them change colour – or dip them in water to reveal hidden images.

Plus, shoppers could buy a real-sized baking set, egg timer, plates, cupcake moulds and measuring spoons to buy alongside the collection. There were also videos with how to do kitchen experiments too. 

Little Kitchen/New World supermarkets

Little Kitchen/New World supermarkets

Coles haven't revealed if they'll be following in the footsteps of the Kiwis Little Kitchen but it was clearly as successful as the first promotion and their new range of products generated the same frenzy they did here.

Some of the new food items in the New World's Little Kitchen even included a women's razor, a tissue box and a tube of Pringles. 

No word yet from Coles on whether this is Little Shop 2 - but watch this space!

UPDATED: Coles have now revealed that they are now launching a special Christmas Little Shop for customers! See here for more details

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