What's going on? Coles fans outraged by new Little Shop scandal.

Shoppers are getting very angry about this

September 05 2018

Parents are furious after a mum claimed she had uncovered a huge Coles Little Shop scandal at her local supermarket.

The-mum-of-three revealed her mother had gone shopping at the Coles in Yamba yesterday and heard staff ‘bragging’ about making sure they kept the special collectable cases for themselves.

The Little Shop collectables case

The Little Shop collectables case


On the Coles Little Shop — Minis Swap Group Australia closed Facebook group the woman wrote, ‘This morning my mother went into Coles, Yamba NSW. She was going about her shopping when she got to the self serve area and overheard two staff bragging about how a box of the collectable cases came in this morning, and they were all gone to staff already.’

She added, ‘My mum spun around and said excuse me? To which the girl responded we are apart of the community too we can get them — mum said not while you’re in that uniform at work and not spending money as a paying customer outside of work hours you’re not.'

‘Mum put in a complaint at the service desk and told him she would be ringing the manager when she got home — she did ring and the second in charge said he was told about her complaint and that he had been around taking folders off staff members.’

 But the irate mum wasn’t happy with that explanation so claimed she called the Coles head office to tell them how unhappy she was.

The cases are incredibly rare and desperately sought after by fans of Coles Little Shop who want to house their collection of Little Shop Collectables before the promotion ends on September 11. They cost $4 to buy in-store.

 A spokesman for Coles told news.com.au  that a case was available for the woman who made the original complaint. He didn't comment on whether staff at the Yamba store had taken the cases but confirmed the cases were selling out very quickly.


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