UPDATE! Coles have huge news about Little Shop Collectables

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August 22 2018

The Coles Little Shop collectables chaos is going to continue! The supermarket giant announced today that desperate shoppers who want to complete their collection of the mini food items have longer to get their hands on them!

And it was revealed there are still 600 of the rare mini red hands to collect which also give you a chance to win $1000 of shopping vouchers.

Shoppers have been sent into a frenzy by the collectable craze which features miniature versions of Coles items. You can get one Little Shop collectable for every $30 you spend.

Fans of the collectables have taken to social media to form Facebook groups and some rare items have been changing hands for hundreds of dollars as shoppers try and get their hands on mini Vegemite, Nutella and Tim Tams before the campaign’s end which was meant to be next Tuesday.

But don’t panic, Coles will now run the promo until all stock runs out due to ‘overwhelming popularity’.

Coles Chief Operating Officer, Greg Davis, said customers are having fun with the Little Shop collectables. ‘We’ve heard stories about how Little Shop has created mini communities with friends, families,neighbours and work colleagues all helping each other collect,” he said.

A mini red hand from the Coles Little Shop collection

A mini red hand from the Coles Little Shop collection

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