UPDATE: The seller of the $20,100 Golden Stikeez is a single mum, desperate for cash!

Everyone's gone crazy for the limited edition Stikeez!

March 14 2019


The eBay seller of the limited edition Golden Stikeez that sold for a whopping $20,100 is a single mother-of-five who only sold the rare Coles collectible because she wanted money to pay for her two sons' school excursion.

The struggling Australian mum - who has not been named - decided to sell her 'Golden Billy Banana' - one of only 100 given out by Coles - because she needed $100 to pay for the boys' primary school excursion.

However, despite a starting bid of just $10, she could not believe it when the price soared to $20,100 following 65 consecutive bids over a week.

But despite, the monster five-figure sum, the struggling mum is not convinced the highest bidder is serious and worries she will never see the cash.

'The auction finished on $20,100, but it would have just been people having a laugh, so I don't expect to receive a cent to be honest,' she said.

'I was hoping for $100 to send my sons on their school excursion.'

She is yet to hear from the successful bidder. 



Hold on to your hat! Yes, it's true! The rare, limited edition Coles Golden Banana Stikeez sold for a whopping $20,000 on eBay!

After 65 bids, one buyer picked up the Coles mini collectable - part of the Stikeez range and one of only 100 produced - for the staggering sum, leaving many incredulous!

The starting price on this Stikeez was just $10 (a week ago), before it reached the winning bid by someone offering $100-$200 increments.

Out of the 12 bidders, one person put in 22 offers before losing out to the winner by $300. That person had just made a one-off bid of $20,100 — earning them the title of having the most expensive Billy Banana on record.

That figure can be rounded up to $20,115.05 — postage was an extra $15.

What will they do with it?

While bidding has ended for this golden banana, there’s plenty more on offer with one currently sitting on $4,500 or more “affordable” at $455.

It has been described as “idiocy” and “insane” after Facebook group I Bought It At shared the $20,100 bid on their Facebook group.

“Absolute 1st world idiocy,” one woman said.



A rare limited edition Coles Stikeez golden banana is being sold on eBay right now - and has bids of more than $7000!

Only 100 Golden Billy Bananas have apparently been made by the supermarket giant who are currently running the Stikeez campaign. It follows last year's incredibly successful Coles Little Shop promotion.

With only 100 Golden Banana Stikeez being given away by the store in Australia, collectors have become desperate to get their hands on them. 

Every time you shop in Coles, you receive one mystery Stikeez for every $30 you spend. If you do get a Golden Billy Banana, you'll get a $100 voucher to spend in Coles. 





But they are proving so ridiculously rare to find, that fans are going crazy and the little golden bananas are reaching extraordinary prices!

Last year, fans of the Little Shop collection were also desperate to get their hands on the Red Hand which was a limited edition of the Coles Red Hand - they were also sold for phenomenal prices on eBay

We're not sure who has a spare $7000 to splash out on a Stikeez, but there are clearly collectors out there desperate for them!

A few weeks ago Practical parenting revealed that you could buy the entire collection of Stikeez online for a fraction of price you'd pay in Australia because the promotion appeared in various supermarkets overseas. If you look on eBay, you can finish off your collection buy buying the UK or Danish versions.

However, it's not thought that there are any golden bananas out there in other parts of the world!

So if you want one, maybe it's time to start saving!




Would you bid more than $7000 on a Golden Billy Banana Stikeez from Coles?