CONFIRMED! Forget Stikeez - Woolworths launches DISNEY WORDS collectables!

It's been revealed - at last!

Writer / February 24 2019

Move over Coles Little Shop and Stikeez! Woolworths is set to launch their OWN new collectables promotion - Disney Words!

In stores across Australia from February 27, 2019 Woolworths will be giving away Disney Words collectables, with 36 Disney and Pixar word tiles to collect.

The collectables will feature a Disney character such as Moana, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear or Mickey Mouse on one side and a letter on the other wise. 

Collectors can also purchase a Disney Words album for the collectable for $4, a carry bag to hold the loose ones for $3 or a magnetic message board for $4. 



Announcing the new promotion in an email which was posted on the Facebook page, Markdown Addicts Australia  to Woolworths Rewards Members, Woolworths revealed: ‘Disney Words is coming soon, with 36 Disney and Pixar character tiles to collect. To kick start your collection, a limited edition Disney Words collector’s album is free* just for you from next week, as one of our valued Rewards members!’

Woolworths have highlighted just how educational the Disney Words tiles are with 36 tiles suitable for various word games. They have also noted the promotion’s environmental qualities, with paper wrappers and the tiles being made of tin-plated steel - which Woolworths claims both are recyclable.

This is in contrast to the criticism levelled at Coles Little Shop and Stikeez collectable ranges, which have both received complaints for being mostly plastic and harming the environment.

The promotion hits Woolworths stores next Wednesday. Watch this space!


Will you be collecting the new Disney Words from Woolworths?

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