JUST IN! Frozen, the musical is coming to Australia - YESSSSS!

It's offical!

January 22 2019

Yes, it's true! Disney Frozen – The Broadway Musical is coming to Australia and it will premiere in Sydney!

It's just been announced that the musical version of every toddlers favourite cartoon movie will have it's all-singing, all-dancing premiere at the Capitol Theatre. But sadly little fans (and big ones) will have to wait until next year!

Disney Frozen – The Broadway Musical features all the songs from the film, including Let It Go. It's been playing on Broadway since last year to rave reviews.



Deen van Meer

Deen van Meer

It will premiere in July 2020 and run to January 2021.

Better get your inner-Elsa going!

For more news and info on the production you can go to www.frozenthemusical.com.au



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