WOW! The new twist for fans of Little Shop 2?

It's bigger and better than before.

October 11 2018

Here comes the Golden Trolley! That’s the buzz surrounding the next Coles Little Shop campaign with Little Shop 2!

The Golden Trolley was the highlight of the Little Shop campaign when it ran in Checkers supermarkets in South Africa last year.

If you received the mini Golden Trolley as one of your Little Shop collectables at the check-out, you enjoyed a $5,000 trolley-dash around the store, filling it with as many shopping items as possible. In South Africa there were just 20 on offer. And rumour is Australia will be copying this too.


This year in Australia, fans enjoyed trying to find the Coles Mini Big Red Hand in the super-successful campaign where shoppers received one miniature shopping item for every $30 spent in Coles. A Red Hand gave you just $100 to spend in the store - but a $5000 trolley-dash would be a game changer.

The Little Shop phenomenon has been a hit all over the world with international supermarkets from as far afield as Denmark and New Zealand enjoying exactly the same frenzy that we did!



Now, there are rumours that we will get the best of what international stores have enjoyed with their Little Shop 2 campaigns. For example, South Africa introduced amazing prizes for shoppers including trips to Disneyland Paris and a Little Shop 2 FREE app too which meant shoppers could customise their photos with special Little Shop filters.



Australian fans are a-buzz with what will happen next year for our Coles Little Shop 2. Experts predict we’ll get Little Kitchen – the sequel in New Zealand – which focuses on cooking items and making weird and wonderful recipes. But there’s also speculation Little Shop 2 will be Little Garden, which was the third instalment in NZ where you collect seedlings and and grow your own plants, including Bak Choy.



'This has the added benefit of being eco-friendly,' says retail expert Emma Smith-Jones. 'Coles came under fire for contributing to yet more plastic pollution at a time when they were phasing out single-use plastic bags to help the environment.This would be the perfect antidote.'

Coles are staying very quiet about their plans for now, but whatever happens, let’s hope we get the Golden Trolley!

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