Outrage over new Coles trolley rules

First plastic bags, now trolleys face the ban

Writer / September 19 2018

Various Coles supermarkets are introducing a new ban on shopping trolleys.

The supermarket giant has banned the use of trolleys in self-serve checkouts in a trial focusing on 20 stores around the country, and shoppers are not happy about it.

According to the Herald Sun, Coles customers were told me store employees the trolley ban was to help crack down on theft. But a Coles spokesperson said it was nothing to do with theft, but to help ease the flow of the stores.

“To improve service to customers and ease congestion, in some stores we are accepting baskets only through the assisted check-outs,” they said.

Many have taken to social media to vent about the latest supermarket changes.

"Well done Coles Fountain Gate! Only 12 items register open plus your BASKET ONLY self checkout area. Makes for an unpleasant paying experience. Can we expect prices to go down with all the staff wages being saved," one disgruntled customer wrote.

The trolley saga comes months after the supermarket giant banned single use plastic bags, before backflipping on their decision after widespread backlash.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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