New calls for Woolworths to ban families from stores

'Is this really necessary?'

April 15 2020

Just weeks after a UK supermarket announced a ‘one person, one trolley’ rule, Aussies shoppers have renewed calls for Woolworths to ban families from stores. 

Several customers have voiced their concerns over ‘whole families’ roaming aisles given social distancing restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Said one shopper on Facebook: ‘Woolworths, could you please revisit your restrictions regarding Covid-19. All the staff are doing an amazing job. It's just a shame about some of the customers. I just went to my local store and had to dodge kids running up the aisles. 

‘One example was three adults shopping together with a toddler. Is this really necessary. Perhaps woolies could re-consider the restrictions and allow only one person to shop. I get their are exceptions (elderly, disabled, single parents), but whole families shopping is not on.’



Another shopper tells New Idea Food: ‘Today I saw a whole family at my local supermarket and I just thought it was so unnecessary. I get that many single parents don’t have a choice and have to take their kids to the store, but surely if both parents can go to the store they can make a choice for one to stay home with the kids?’

Speaking to New Idea Food, a Woolworths spokesperson said while there was no restriction on couples or families shopping together, they ‘encourage’ people come to Woolies alone when possible. 

Says the spokesperson: ‘We encourage customers to shop alone or in smaller groups wherever they can. If that's not an option, we ask all customers to pay close attention to social distancing in our stores and maintain good hygiene practices.’



The store has introduced strict social distancing measures to keep shoppers and staff safe, such as limiting the number of customers in stores at any one time and marking out spaces on the floor to keep shoppers separated.

Originally published on New Idea Food.

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