CLEVER $ HACK: Buy the entire Stikeez collection for a FRACTION of the cost!

Revealed: how to do it here for the first time - but don't tell Coles!

Writer / March 14 2019

The new range of Coles collectables launches today, following on from the success of Coles Little Shop, AND there's one major secret about the collection you're not meant to know.

Until now.

Stikeez are plastic fruits and vegetables that stick to surfaces thanks to a suction cup bottom.

Part of the Coles Fresh Rainbow Challenge, in partnership with the Healthy Kids Association, Stikeez are designed to get kids excited about eating their daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

There are 24 mini fruit and vegetable Stikeez to collect, and you receive a mystery one for every $30 you spend in Coles - just like you did with the Coles Little Shop miniature collection. 





BUT, did you know that this promotion ran overseas in the UK in 2017 and you can actually buy the whole collection on eBay in one go?

Supermarket Lidl ran the Stikeez promotion in 2017 and then went on to run a space-themed and soccer-themed Stikeez promo too. Lidl in Ireland followed suit and so did Germany and Italy.

So there are plenty of Stickeez out there to buy if you want.

This one's from Italy...



The Stikeez all have different names but they're the same product. You can buy full sets on eBay or buy them individually if your kids are desperate to complete the set!



The Stikeez promotion has caused uproar from some Coles shoppers who believe that the entire mini-collectables phenomenon causes a “legacy of plastic waste”.

According to Yahoo7 more than 3,300 protestors have emailed the CEO of Coles, Steve Cain, to say how they will boycott the store because of the problems plastic causes in the environment. 


Will you be collecting Stikeez from Coles?

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