This $1.50 Kmart hack is transforming packed lunches for kids!

It's gone viral in hours!

February 04 2019

The Bento Box lunchbox craze has hit Australia - and this hack can transform any lunchbox for just $1.50!

The Japanese containers - which come with mini compartments for all your different snacks - can cost up to $100, with people paying top dollar for the authentic versions.

The clever trick involves inserting these jumbo ice cube trays - available at Kmart - into standard $2.50 containers, creating the same effect. 



The hack is the creation of Kmart Mums Australia member Amanda, who shared her idea (pictured above).

She reveals: ‘I hacked a Kmart bento box from the ice cube tray & 600ml container 😃 Total cost $4.50!

She adds: ‘I trimmed the sides of the ice cube tray. And the compartment dividers touch the lid perfectly.’

Hundreds of fellow mums have followed Amanda’s lead to create the DIY Bento Boxes, meaning they can create personalised for their kids.


Terri-Ann made this amazing DIY Bento Box!

Terri-Ann made this amazing DIY Bento Box!

Kmart Mum Eryn did these DIY Bento Boxes!

Kmart Mum Eryn did these DIY Bento Boxes!

Image: Kati/Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook

Image: Kati/Kmart Mums Australia/Facebook

‘This is the best!’ said one. Added another: ‘This is the best post !!! 

Thanks for sharing Amanda 👍🏻

Added one more: ‘I'm doing this today!!! I have been on the hunt for a good toddler bento box for ages!’

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