This toddler broke her arm, and her Aussie mum did THIS to her cast!

It looks amazing!

January 17 2019

When this little two-year-old broke her arm, her clever mum decided to make her plaster cast super-special. She blinged it up!

Aussie mum Danielle who is a part of the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group showed just how creative she was by giving the cast an extra sparkly addition of some stick-on gems.

She wrote: ‘Thanks Kmart! My two-year-old baby girl broke and had surgery on her arm this week. She has been extremely brave and getting extremely frustrated with it, until we blinged it up with the adhesive gems. Now she feels like “a princess with super powers.”’

She later told New Idea Food, ‘She was on a play date with her little besties and fell off the couch while trying to open a door, which one of the girls was hiding behind.'

I definitely was not expecting a broken arm this young. Maybe when she was 7 or 8, learning to ride a bike or climbing a tree. Not falling from a couch.

‘She was very brave. The gems make her feel like a princess super hero she says. She usually dances around pretending to save anyone who will entertain her new super hero power cast.’





The sweet DIY project got the thumbs up from other Kmart Mums, with Danielle’s post attracting nearly 4,000 likes.

‘So fabulous!’ wrote one. Another added: ‘Omg what an awesome mumma ❤️

Said another: Bling makes everything better. I like her style lol’

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