Is this Kmart toy really selling for thousands of dollars?

The internet has spiralled into a frenzy over this one item. What's going on?

August 13 2018

We know everyone loves Kmart but would you pay thousands of dollars for the new range of Kmart kids toys?

Social media has been thrown into a frenzy by this bizarre image showing the Kmart children’s wooden vanity set apparently on sale for an eye-watering $3,900.39.

Credit: Kmart Mums Australia, Facebook

Credit: Kmart Mums Australia, Facebook

The image appeared on the Facebook group, Kmart Mums Australia, and looks like an advert from a private seller. But fans are shocked anyone would pay such a huge amount.

Underneath, fans talked about how the cute toddler play-set, which usually retails for under $40, is unavailable anywhere in the country.

One said, 'It's sold out everywhere.' And another saying, 'You can't get them anywhere at the moment. They have all gone." 

But we can't believe anyone would ever spend this much? Can you?

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