How to get kids to sleep during daylight saving

Help is here!

April 04 2023


Many parents struggle with daylight savings and changing seasons, as their little ones’ sleep routines can be thrown into disarray. Even the smallest of changes can upset stubborn sleepers but Tommee Tippee’s new sleep range is here to help minimise the disruption.  


Toddlers sometimes need a little guidance to understand that nighttime isn’t playtime, and might get confused with the daylight savings transition. The Groclock is your toddler’s personal sleep trainer, using images of the stars and sun to let them know if it’s still time for bed or time to get up. If the light shines blue, they snuggle back to sleep. If it’s yellow, rise and shine.



As the seasons change and temperatures drop, it’s important to make sure your children’s nurseries are not too cold. The Groegg2 is a unique colour-changing nursery thermometer that provides safety reassurance at a glance, reminding parents to change bedding, clothing or adjust the room temperature if required.


Once the thermometer suggests it’s time for a change in sleepwear, parents should look for something with a higher tog. The revolutionary Tommee Tippee Original Grobag in 2.5 or 3.5 tog is an ideal solution, worn in place of a blanket to keep little ones warm throughout the night. Both comfy and secure, the sleep bag creates a cosy and sound night’s sleep for both babies and parents.



Vanessa Gonzalez, Tommee Tippee Marketing Manager, commented:

“We understand that being a new parent can be overwhelming, and there is a lot to contend with. Sleep, in particular, can be a challenging point for many new mums and dads. When it’s going well, it’s great. When it’s not going so well, it can be a difficult time for everyone. Every product in Tommee Tippee’s sleep range is designed with exactly that in mind, to support baby and toddler sleep and help create a happier household all around.”