Aussie supermarket introduces FREE section - and shoppers go wild!

It's true!

January 07 2019

It’s no secret that there are plenty of bargains to be had at Aussie supermarkets at the moment!

But giving things away for free? Surely that can’t be right?

But when one Australian shopper visited her local Kmart, that’s exactly what she found - a ‘free’ bin, full of unwanted Christmas stock that anyone could take home.

Yes, all for free!





Sharing her discovery on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group, Queensland bargain hunter Christine wrote: KMART CANNON HILL! Had to ask and make sure it was all free 😂 *empty now though, because someone (not me) come along and cleaned it all out.’

The Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group has been very active in recent weeks with red-hot specials on Christmas stock in Kmart stores - and all other retailers. But this is the first time goodies appear to have been offered for free.

‘Best stores do around me is 1/2 price off!’ said one follower. Added another: ‘

Damn!!! Lol... But in the past week or so I’ve bought over $200 worth of stuff from Lmart for less than fifty bucks....I’m more than happy with that....!’

Other followers praised Kmart for giving away their excess stock for free. 

Said one follower: ‘Very kind to give it for free and not chuck it out in bins. Thanks Kmart my favourite store, even though I didn't get any bargains after Christmas sales. I love Kmart.’

Added another: ‘Exactly. Most places would just throw it out.’

While Cannon Hill in Queensland is the first Kmart we’ve seen to offer a ‘Free’ bin for Christmas stock, there might be more to come as the stores battle to offload their excess festive items. 

Have you seen any?