BREAKING ROYAL BABY NEWS: 'There will be a meeting at the palace imminently' - Royal reporter reveals all!

It's baby time!

April 03 2019

A famous royal reporter has revealed there will be a full briefing on the new royal baby any minute now - and it  will confirm EXACTLY what's happening with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby.

Trusted royal author, Katie Nicholls, has revealed that all royal reporters are impatiently waiting to hear when they can come in to Kensington Palace to be briefed on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's baby. 

The royal couple are expected to welcome their first baby any moment now!



'We're hoping there will be a meeting at the palace imminently so we get some direction on what sort of birth they're going to have and the hospital they've chosen,' said Katie to Glamour. 

She added, 'Harry is incredibly private and fiercely protective of Meghan. I think he'll become even more protective when he's a father. I think one of the real reasons they're moving to Windsor is to get out of the goldfish bowl that is Kensington Palace.'

Katie added that she believes Meghan will be giving birth at Frimley Park in Windsor where Prince Edward's wife had her children, including Lady Louise.

'If they are living at Frogmore House... then London seems a bit of a journey too far if you're actually in labor,' she explained. 'So unless it's a planned procedure, then you would expect it to be a more local hospital. The obvious choice would be Frimley Park.'

Katie believes that Meghan would NOT choose a home birth, despite hoping for one originally.

'I think it's something Meghan might have possibly entertained or considered,' she said. 'But given her age and the fact this is a first birth, I think it's unlikely they'd want to take a risk with a home birth.'

Fingers crossed we get more details very soon - STAY TUNED!