Prince Harry is 'miserable and glum' with Meghan Markle, weeks before the birth of their first baby

A top royal expert has given an astonishing insight...

Writer / March 14 2019

Meghan Markle is a "difficult person" who is making her new husband, Prince Harry, "miserable and glum", according to one of Britain's top royal experts.

James Marrow - a royal reporter who follows the royal family closely - told Sky News Australia that Meghan's behaviour takes its toll on Harry who isn't happy - just weeks away from becoming a father for the first time.

James revealed, "Every time Harry is with her, he always just looks very glum and miserable.

"However, every time you see a picture of him with the lads and doing something else, it is all smiles and laughter."



The royal insider, James, then said that Meghan was "not all that easy to work for" after she has supposedly lost her third key aide just three months after her last assistant quit, as The Sun reported.

James described Meghan as being demanding in all aspects of her royal life. "I think it is a particularly tough gig for a princess like Meghan Markle who is in fact actually fairly notorious — something of a princess in the non-royal sense of the word.

"Her politics are very left wing. She is always on about this cause or the other."

But he said that her actions were not always in line with the causes that she spoke about.

He said, "The things we have seen about Meghan Markle where she took that private jet to fly to a baby shower in New York at great expense while she is preaching about climate change and so on.

"I think a lot of people are going to say 'you know, I think this woman is a bit of a hypocrite here' and she is probably — on the balance of probabilities — and not all that easy to work for."

Meghan and Harry's first baby is due next month, just weeks after the couple move to Frogmore Cottage, Windsor - away from royal life in the centre of London.




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