The REAL reason Meghan Markle didn’t open her baby shower gifts


Writer / March 22 2019

The Duchess of Sussex is mere weeks away from having her first baby, however it may well be that she and Prince Harry already know whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

While Palace protocol dictates that expectant royals don’t find out the gender, Harry and Meghan are not a traditional couple, and a source reveals they have already found out the sex of their baby, and have even told a few close friends.

“The reason they didn’t open gifts at the shower wasn’t because Meghan wanted to open the gifts with Harry, but because they would have revealed the baby’s gender,” a source told US Weekly.

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Getty images

Meghan’s friend and journalist Gayle King, who attended the shower, said that Meghan did not open any gifts at the shower because “she wants to do that when she and Harry are back together. So I really don’t know what everybody got.”

Could it have been that opening the gifts would reveal some gender-specific items, however?

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Some media outlets have speculated that actually, Meghan and Harry are having a girl, in part because of the pink decorations at Meghan's baby shower and bets bookies have received.

And on the couple’s visit to Melbourne last year, a woman shouted “I hope it’s a girl!” to which Harry responded “So do I!” – making no bones about his desire to have a baby daughter.

Odds are pretty good at 50/50 in any case! What do you think?

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