New research says husbands can be MORE stressful than kids!

Do you agree?!

May 02 2019

A survey of 7,000 mums, has revealed that NEARLY HALF think their husbands are a BIGGER source of stress than their children!

The same mums rated their stress levels an 8.5 out of a 10-point scale, according to the survey by Today.

So why do our partners cause us more anxiety than our kids? 

Well, a whopping 75 per cent of mums interviewed admit they think they do most of the parenting and household duties – and one in five say that NOT getting enough help from their partner and that is the major source of their high daily stress.



Sound familiar?

Probably not to your husband or partner – another survey of 1,500 fathers found that most men think they’re doing more than enough with the kids but not getting any verbal acknowledgement for their hard work! 

All they want is a pat on the back for their efforts. One dad said, “I'd rate myself as a good, but imperfect parent.  My spouse would probably see me as an OK parent, and stress the imperfection more.”

Half of dads interviewed think they split child care evenly with their partner, but 75 percent of mums say they do most of the child care.

So why is there such a huge gap in our viewpoints?

 ‘This is where a lot of arguments at home happen,’ said parenting expert Donna Hyde. ‘Mums feel resentment. Dads feel hard done by. No-one is going anywhere fast.’

And her answer?

‘Talk more and try to work out your issues as they arise,’ she says. ‘Arguing while you’re in the middle of it all is not going to help.'

I think we need to file that under advice that is Easier Said Than Done!



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