New study proves that FIRST-BORN children are the WORST drivers!

Researchers have OFFICIALLY given the reasons why you're nervous about driving with your brother or sister!

March 21 2019

If you’re a younger sibling looking to BEAT your older brother or sister - now’s your chance.

It turns out there's a very good statistical reason you find yourself clawing at the sides of your seat when travelling in the car with your older siblings.

A new study has revealed that first-born children are more likely to speed, be involved in accidents and collisions on the road and cause trouble with others drivers for their reckless habits!



The study was carried out by Privilege Car Insurance, who researched and assessed the habits of 1,395 motorists to settle sibling rivalries once and for all.

And the results are pretty hard to argue with!

A staggering 89% of older siblings are likely to speed and 47% will trigger road rage incidents with fellow motorists by cutting them off.

Plus, 35% are likely to get fined and a whopping 46% of older siblings will hog the middle of the road. 






The study doesn’t stop there though. Researchers also revealed 30% of first-born children admit to using their phone while they’re driving!

And as many as 17% of first-borns admit to applying makeup while driving...

It’s not ALL bad news for older siblings though. The study revealed they may have a better excuse for their erratic driving.

Around 28% of younger and middle children admitted their bad habits are triggered by other drivers annoying them on the roads, but the eldest gave reasons like being late as the main motivation behind their own bad road etiquette.



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