Mum hits back at online trolls who mock daughter’s “extravagant” name


Content Editor / March 21 2019

Jade Jeanes and her husband Joshua, both 27, struggled for seven years to have a child so when their baby daughter came along they wanted to give her a really special name.

Initially Jade was planning to call her daughter Belle after her favourite film Beauty and the Beast, however she opted for “Disney” instead, Metro reports.

While she admits that even the midwives at the hospital were sceptical about the name choice, she was heartbroken when her name choice was mocked by other mums on Facebook.

On the “Mums the Word” Facebook page, mums were asked to enter their children’s names in a thread, where they could be ‘rated’ with emojis.

Jade’s submission got lots of negative reactions via laughing and crying emoji faces.

The new mum didn’t understand why people were so critical, and said she thought it was no worse to name a child Disney than Walt.

By the time Disney goes to school, Jade hopes her name will blend in with other kids’ names.

“Other kids will have unconventional names, we hope. We don’t think she’ll have problems at school because of that.”

The couple plan to bring their daughter to Disney World when she is two, have decorated her room with Mickey Mouse silhouettes and say she loves Disney movies.

Jade also added that if she had a boy she’d consider naming him “Sonic” after the video game hedgehog.

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