The 33 worst baby names ever

Reddit users share the dodgiest monikers they’ve heard

August 17 2018

Choosing a baby name is always tricky, you need to pick something that they can live with for the rest of their lives.

Baby name expert Sherri Suzanne spoke to the Daily Star about the dangers of ‘unusual’ names.

“I caution parents that in an effort to make children stand out, they can also make it harder to fit in. Resist picking names that form jokes, puns, rhymes, or phrases that have strong negative associations.”

“In an attempt to express individuality, it’s best not to create obscure and convoluted spellings."

In a Reddit thread, people were asked to share the worst baby names they had ever heard.

From crazy spellings to ‘blended’ names and mispronounced words, here they are…

1. Aliviyah (pronounced Olivia)

2. Baby

3. Mhavryck (pronounced Maverick)

4. Elizabreth

5. Nevaeh

6. Little Sweetmeat

7. Danger

8. Beberly

9. Harley Quinn (her first name is Harley Quinn)

10. D'Artagnan

11. Panthy

12. Jarica (parents couldn't decide between Jessica and Erica)

13. Legend

14. Olive Garden (like the restaurant)

15. Meldor

16. Cameron (His last name is also Cameron. He’s Cameron Cameron.)

17. Merika (As in, America)

18. C'andre (pronounced see-andre) “The mother claimed ‘I wanted his name to start with a C because his fathers name began with a C’”

19. Reighleigh

20. Spartacus

21. Orlando “For a girl. It was because of the Virginia Woolf book.”

22. Appaloosa “Yes, for a girl. And yes, like the horse.”

23. Sassi

24. Stormy Sea

25. Abcde (pronounced ab-cee-dee)

26. Queen Precious Jewel Earth

27. Stiffany (Stephanie and Tiffany, maybe?)

28. Hayydden

29. Melanomia “My ex-boyfriend named his daughter Melanomia. Yup. Dodged a bullet.”

30. Keeler “Like vegetable peeler, but with a K.”

32. Kingsley 

What's the worst name you've ever heard?!