Crazy baby names that have been BANNED around the world

Are these for real?!

Content Editor / August 18 2020

Years ago, weird and wonderful baby names were usually reserved for celebrity offspring. But these days ‘unique’ monikers are fairly common regardless of who you are.

However, some names are so out there and – shall we say – borderline offensive, that they’ve been banned by certain countries.

Here’s a list of the wackiest names that have been deemed illegal around the world, according to Today’s Parent. Enjoy!

1. Cyanide
In April 2017, a Welsh court ruled against this particularly strange name selection. While the child’s mother said naming her daughter after the chemical compound that killed Hitler may have positive connotations, the presiding judge disagreed. Next!

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2. Facebook
Civil-registry officials in Mexico put the kibosh on this social-media-inspired handle, one of 61 non-traditional names that Mexican officials banned in 2014. Also on the list were Hitler, Virgin, Burger King and Harry Potter. Okay…

3. Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii
How many cocktails do you need to come up with something like this? A New Zealand couple temporarily lost custody of their daughter in 2008. At the hearing, their daughter complained that her name was causing her a lot of embarrassment.

A judge agreed, saying the name “makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and a handicap.” The girl chose a new name, which wasn’t revealed to protect her privacy.

4. Harriet
Harriet may seem like a perfectly normal name in most countries, but two parents in Reykjavik, Iceland were forced to choose an alternative name in order to get a passport for their child. What’s normal in one country is clearly not considered normal in another…

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5. Nutella
While many of us are fans of this tasty chocolate spread, it was deemed inappropriate as a baby name, according to a French judge who ruled that the unusual moniker “could only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts.” Instead, a judge ordered that the child be named Ella – a decent compromise if you ask us.

6. Ke$ha
If you’re a well-known singer, I guess you can choose any name you like, but symbols of any kind are a no-no, according to naming laws in Ontario, Canada.

7. Queen
Regal names are hugely popular in North America but not so much here in Australia, where it is illegal to name your child after any official position, including Duke, Royal, Reign, Prince and Majesty.

8. Jihad
In 2018, the Chinese government took a political stance against certain baby names, including Muhammad, Arafat and Jihad. Officials say that the crackdown is an attempt to “curb religious fervour” in Xinjiang, while activists say it’s politically motivated censorship.

9. William
In Portugal, parents are allowed to choose from a very specific 82-page list of names that doesn’t include certain super-traditional English options. Catherine is also out, but Caterina is acceptable.

Nicola Conville has worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years across a wide range of print and online publications. Her areas of expertise are parenting, health and travel. She has two children; Lucy, age eight, and Nathan, age five.