Anti-vaxxers ATTACK grieving mum after her son dies

This is shocking...

March 21 2019

A mum whose two-year-old died from the flu, has been bullied and trolled by a group of anti-vaccination supporters who left vile messages for her.

Jill Promoli, from Ontario in Canada, put her two-year-old twin sons, Jude and Thomas, down for their afternoon nap, but when she returned to wake them up, one of them wasn't breathing.  

Little Jude, had had a slight temperature earlier that day but his mum said he was happy and singing as they laid down in their cots.

Sadly, just two hours later, he had died. An autopsy revealed he had died from the flu.


Jill Promoli/Facebook

Jill Promoli/Facebook


The toddler had been vaccinated but was part of the small percentage of people who don’t develop an immunity.

When she heard that, Jill became an advocate for flu prevention to try to ensure that other families would not go through the same grief as her.

But then, anti-vaxxers she had never met, flooded her social media pages with vile messages, saying she had deliberately murdered her child and the flu was just a cover-up story.

These strangers were part of an anti-vaccination group targeting Jill for daring promote the work of vaccines in the wake of her son’s death.

Some messages said the flu vaccine Jude had been given by his mum had killed him - meaning she was responsible for her death.

Other said she was only advocating flu shots so that she wouldn't be the only mother to experience grief - a belief that still makes Jill cry.




“The first time it made me feel really sick because I couldn’t fathom how anybody could even come up with such a terrible claim,” Jill told CNN.

“It caught me off guard in its cruelty. What kind of a person does this?”

Jude's death was in 2016 but Jill still receives messages from trolls, who slam her for advocating the flu shot and its benefits. 

"I've had to grow some very thick skin," she said.

And whenever, the hundreds of messages, trolling and bullying becomes too much, Jill says she remembers Judeand vows to continue her campaign to promote flu vaccinations. 

"The work that we're doing might mean that somebody else doesn't have to go plan a funeral for their toddler, and that is everything," she said.


Jill and her twins/Facebook

Jill and her twins/Facebook

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