Aussie cold case breakthrough: Mum and ex-partner charged with little girl's death

Angela Bannister died ten years ago, but her mum and her then-boyfriend have now been charged with the killing

March 19 2019

WARNING: there are distressing details in this story. 

Police have made a dramatic break through in the death of a little girl who died more than 10 years ago. 

Little Angela Bannister died in Echua, Victoria back on July 19, 2008. 

Homicide detectives arrested Tania Walker, 35, and her partner at the time Daniel Simmons, 44, in Echuca on Tuesday and charged them over the murder of Angela Bannister. They were both remanded in custody.

At the time they claimed her horrific injuries were caused by a dog, but bite marks were found to be made by a human and not a dog during a coronial inquest.






Angela was just one month shy of her second birthday when she died.

After the couple were charged yesterday, Angela's father Bradley Bannister welcomed the coroner’s findings and labelled them ‘‘a relief’’.

Angela had more than 20 injuries, including internal haemorrhaging, rib injuries and a fractured pelvis. The medical evidence is that Angela died of chest injuries.



Tania Walker/9News

Tania Walker/9News


Her mother, Tania Walker, called an ambulance and Angela was taken to Echuca Hospital.

CPR was performed on Angela by her mother’s partner, ambulance paramedics and hospital staff, but sdied from her injuries.

Her mother and Simmons told the inquest that she had been attacked by a dog outside the former Go-Lo store in Echua.


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