Anti-vaxx mum, Shanelle Cartwright, gives birth to healthy baby girl at home - a week after her controversial comments

And she has a beautiful name...

Writer / February 22 2019

Shanelle Cartwright, the wife of NRL star Bryce Cartwright, has given birth to a baby girl just a week after revealing  she doesn't trust hospitals and will never vaccinate her children. 

Shanelle, 20, who shares one-year-old son Koa with the Gold Coast Titans star, announced the arrival of daughter Naia Eden on Instagram.

'It's with open hearts that we announce the birth of our darling girl Naia Eden Cartwright,' she captioned a black-and white photo of herself breastfeeding the newborn.

'She came roaring into this world, all guns blazing. Welcome to the wild my little lady.'






And the young mum admitted that she was finding all the attention she is receiving since she made her controversial comments hard to take as she copes with the hectic and emotional first few days of having a newborn and a one-year-old son. 

Just a week ago, Shanelle made global headlines when she declared that she would rather 'home school' her children than be forced to vaccinate her kids so they could go to school in Australia. And she also admitted that she had no plans to use nappies, but wanted to use the 'elimination communication' method. 

Elimination Communication is where babies learn when to wee and poo without using nappies from a very early age.



But in a recent post, the mum admitted all the headlines and attention she was receiving during the first days with her baby was very hard to bear, and she posted a photo of herself looking very emotional while breastfeeding. 


Bryce, Eden and Koa

Bryce, Eden and Koa


It has clearly been a tough week for Shanelle and Bryce Cartwright, 24,  since their admission they do not vaccinate their son, would not use nappies for their second child and 'don't trust hospitals'.

When asked by one follower whether she vaccinated her first son, Mrs Cartwright said she was firmly against injecting her children.

'He's not vaccinated - none of our babes will be,' the young mother replied.


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