UPDATE: Footy star's wife defends her anti-vax views in NEW Instagram post

Shanelle Cartwright has spoken out again about her decision NOT to vaccinate her babies

Writer / February 13 2019

Shanelle Cartwright, the 20-year-old pregnant wife of NRL footballer Bryce Cartwright, has opened up once again about NOT vaccinating her children, despite receiving heavy criticism.

Shanelle decided to clarify her position on Instagram in a bid to stop the backlash after she said she was going to boycott hospitals, nappies and vaccinations with her new baby.

Talking to the trolls who have left messages for her online, the mum — who is currently 39 weeks pregnant with her second bub — went into detail on her parenting decision and insisted she was not "anti-vaxx".

She wrote: “I am not ‘anti-vaxx’. I have many mama friends that vaccinate their kids and I RESPECT their decisions.

“That’s what they felt best for their families and there is no room for parents to judge parents — we are all doing our best for our own kids.

“No hate from us over here.”




Yesterday, the personal trainer revealed her 13-month-old son Koa hadn’t been immunised in a Q&A on Instagram and said she had no plans to immunise her next baby. In fact she said she would rather home school, than be forced to vaccinate for Koa.

“He’s not vaccinated — none of our babes will be,” she shared.

“They can go to school (so far) … if the law changes, I’ll home school before I vaccinate,” she said.

She also admitted Bryce, her husband, was reluctant to not vaccinate their son at first, but soon changed his mind after he read some research.

“I remember he (Bryce) was so defensive when I first brought it up and got angry at me for even suggesting that we shouldn’t vaccinate,” Ms Cartwright said.

“And then he read a package insert and a few pages of one of Dr Suzanne Humphries books and saw vaccines under a different light. And now we’re here.”

Dr Suzanne Humphries is a prominent voice in the anti-vax community.


Shanelle Cartwright's new statement on Instagram

Shanelle Cartwright's new statement on Instagram


Shanelle's comments have received a lot of attention from all over the globe with parents on both sides of the vaccination debate writing powerful posts about their own experience and opinions. 

In her original Instagram post, she also said she would not use nappies when her newborn arrives.

“For this baby we are going to try no nappies and do elimination communication,” she wrote, explaining she would teach her bub to go outside on the grass.

This is something she’s also addressed, clarifying she has used nappies with her first born.

“Koa has always (and still does) wear nappies. We said we will try elimination communication.”

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