Genius hack to make toilet training easier

Have you tried this with your child?

February 14 2017

Toilet training can elicit a terror that only parents will understand.

To help, one parent came up with a genius hack to get their toddler to sit on the toilet for longer: turning him around giving him a dry erase marker.

The picture was posted on the Love What Matters Facebook page with the caption: “Potty training Idea: let your child sit backwards on the potty and give them a dry erase marker! They will sit longer and there's less of a chance of little boys missing!”





The picture has been shared over 3,000 times with many parents keen to give this idea a go.

One woman vouched for the technique saying all six of children did that and “it worked”.

But not everything thinks a good idea.

“I’m glad if this works for you but I wouldn't have done it. They aren't able at this age to know the difference between types of markers and are being encouraged to mark on anything around the house,” wrote one commenter.

Another added: “Unless you sanitize every time the kid goes in there, that lid is not clean. Bacteria from the toilet sprays when you flush...lid up or down, it's going to be hit.”

Also, as one mum pointed out: “Do a test mark on the lid before you just give them the marker!”

Have you tried this with your little one? Or, do you have a different tip to share?